This Unofficial User Brings Google Assistant to Windows and Mac

A client by developer Melvin L. Abraham on GitHub brings Assistant right on over for use. There are 30 steps required in order to get it up and running, and you’ll need to sign up for a Google Cloud account. It was first reported by Android Police before it made its rounds.

Though it looks super nice, and you can read all about the technical details, courtesy of Ryne Hager’s run down, it certainly looks to be in development. For example, smart home controls are hardly implemented, and difficult to make use of given the interface’s lack of focus on them, and some Assistant commands simply don’t work yet. There’s no always listening mode, Continued Conversation is choppy and inconsistent, routines don’t work at all, and the client failed to contact third-party services like Netflix and Spotify for Ryne when he tried.

When Google Assistant came to Chromebooks, when using Google search via the Everything button more often though, and for many things, you may want to just open up a Chrome browser on your Windows or macOS desktop for search queries until this is developed further.

The image above shows the Unofficial Google Assistant client running on Elementary OS, but there are also photos on the aforementioned run down that show it operating on macOS and Windows as well.

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