This why the Apple HomePod cannot play lossless music


A report revealed that the high-end $ 550 Apple AirPods Max is not ready for the new, non-missing audio catalog coming to Apple Music next month. The Verge website quoted Apple as saying that HomePod and HomePod mini will not support missing audio either, while MacRumors confirmed the same according to sources.

Missing audio refers to the audio recordings that have been compressed without any degradation to the overall sound quality, which can improve the listening experience.

But the report showed that HomePod and HomePod mini will already support the company's new spatial audio experiences, which are supposed to provide more immersive sound than standard stereo or virtual surround mix, as many are somewhat interested in the spatial audio experience on AirPods Pro, and it will also arrive at Apple Music next month in a bigger way.

Apple says it's not as if any of these devices will fail to play tracks that don't completely lose their data, they simply won't play them in high quality.

However, it appears to be another reason why Apple is considering so hard to sell the original HomePod.


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