Tik Tok is on its way to becoming the new Facebook

It seems that the Chinese application of Tik Tok for short videos is on its way to becoming the new Facebook, given its great impact during the last period and the record download rates it achieved. Tik Tok has invested in the environments of social fragmentation caused by the Corona pandemic in the world and has made breakthroughs that will make it the new Facebook that will shape the future of technology.

The Guardian report, written by Chris Stockel Walker, author of the book “The Giants’ Struggle for the Future of Social Media”, indicated that “Tik Tok” became last July the first non-Facebook-owned application that exceeds 3 billion users, noting that the number of mobile phone users in all Worldwide, there are about 5.3 billion people.

The report explains these numbers for the spread of “Tik Tok” as the best investment in the social environment that was affected by the Corona epidemic, as the application flourished on the grounds of domestic isolation, which kept millions in their homes, entertaining with their smartphones most of the time, which made Tik Tok the most downloaded application in the world and “the most widely traded.” In children’s or grandchildren’s talk or advertisements that brought him more than $34 billion in revenue in 2020.”

The report indicates that “Tik Tok” in the meantime developed the duration of its videos, which were no more than 15 or 60 seconds, and now last for up to three minutes, with the ability to watch them through a web browser or even through a smart TV.

But the biggest breakthrough that the application achieved and qualified it to be the new Facebook, the report says, is what happened last May with the introduction of the “group messaging” service in which developers of other applications allowed TikTok users to log into their applications using their TikTok account. This means that “Tik Tok” has become a gateway to the rest of the Internet.

It is noteworthy that the company “American Airlines” announced a few days ago that the free “Tik Tok” service has reached some American Airlines flights. Passengers can use the app for up to 30 minutes for free, thanks to a movie made by American Airlines.

The service gives passengers time to watch at least 10 new videos, among the longest. If the user does not have the application installed, he can download it for free while flying, according to the company's statement.


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