Tik Tok sells its artificial intelligence technology


Reports revealed that the famous Chinese video application Tik Tok began selling its artificial intelligence technology to those who wish to buy it. ByteDance, the founder of the Tik Tok application, quietly launched the Byte Plus brand concerned with the sale of Tik Tok technology, including the recommendation algorithm, and it also enables customers to purchase computer technology, real-time effects, and machine translations along with features.

The Singapore-based Bate Plus brand debuted last June, although it has a presence in Hong Kong and London, and BiteDance is looking to register it in America. It is noteworthy that there are already at least a few customers using the Byte Plus code, such as the American fashion app Goat, as well as the Indonesian shopping company Chilibeli and the travel site WeGo.

ByteDance has not commented on the Financial Times report about its plans for BytePlus.

Although the move will remove the character of its Tik Tok application, it may help the ByteDance company to compete with other large companies that sell its technology to companies behind the scenes, such as Microsoft and Amazon, and that it will surely cause more money to flow into her.


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