To prevent harassment and harassment Instagram is adding new features


Instagram new features to prevent harassment and harassment, indirect messages between users. The new features include a set of methods for filtering message requests and the ability to block a user across multiple accounts.

This comes after it was revealed that football players in Britain had received racist messages through the application, Which prompted the site at the time to reveal that preventing abuse in direct messages was a challenge for it. And with a series of new changes, Instagram gives users the ability to individually block the person and block any new accounts they may create.

This feature is intended to help people who are being targeted frequently, by people themselves or people who do not want the person to be able to be found by the creator of the new account.

The app will also add a new message filtering tool that organizes messages received from people you do not actually follow.

It also allows to automatically hide message requests that contain offensive words, phrases, and emojis.

Instagram has faced more pressure to prevent bullying over its application and is currently facing scrutiny over its plans to create a version for children under the age of 13.

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