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Today long-awaited Psychonauts 2, goes on sale

Today, the long-awaited sequel to the cult hit Psychonauts from Double Fine Productions, called Psychonauts 2, goes on sale. The game is released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 (in backward compatibility mode).

The original Psychonauts game was released in 2005, Psychonauts 2 was announced in 2015 and even raised $ 3 million from fans for development. As a result, the game was postponed several times, however, as it turned out, the expectations of the fans were not in vain.

After posting 48 reviews, the Xbox Series X version scores an average of 87/100, while the PC version is rated 89/100 (after 30 reviews). If you look at the scores for the PC version, then no publication has given a score less than 80/100. And even those who bet 80/100 unanimously claim that the game fully met expectations:

  • “It took sixteen years, but Psychonauts 2 was worth the wait” - CGMagazine (80/100);

  • “Even with some rough edges, Psychonauts 2 fully met expectations” - IGN (80/100);

  • “Fun, touching, super creative, more accurate than ever before, Psychonauts 2 is a lavish and rhythmic game that offers 15 to 20 hours of intense experience.” - (85/100);

  • “A rare sequel that surpasses the original in every way. It is filled to the brim with beautiful worlds and amazing interactions, and its colorful cast is equally funny, believable, and likable. ”- PCGames (90/100);

  • “Psychonauts 2 is everything you could want from a sequel. The Magnificent Return of Double Fine ”- PC Games (90/100).

Some publications believe that this is a worthy contender for the title of the game of the year.

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