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Twitter enables Fleets stickers to all users


Twitter has announced that it will add stickers to its sites that resemble Snapchat stories for users on both Android and iOS, this comes after testing them initially with users in Japan since last November, as Twitter is now bringing its Fleets animated stickers to all Regions, providing a new option to optimize your posts within a story-like tool.

Fleets is another version of the (stories) feature that is common in most social media platforms, as it allows you to post content that appears for only 24 hours and then disappears automatically, and also appears at the top of the homepage in the Twitter application as it is the case in Instagram stories.

According to the verge, when creating a group, the service enables you to add stickers by clicking, for example, the smiley face icon in the bottom row of your screen. When you do that, you'll see a bunch of animated stickers and emojis designed on Twitter (which Twitter calls Twemoji), and if you search for something in the search bar at the top of the screen, Twitter will pull the GIFs sourced from Tenor and Facebook-owned Giphy.

If you have ever used stickers on Snapchat or Instagram, this new feature should be quite familiar to you.

However, this feature might sound very familiar since both Snapchat and Instagram have introduced for years. But Twitter is still in the early days with Fleets, which is available to everyone back in November, so maybe the stickers are just the first sign of more additions coming.

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