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Vkontakte went to PC with free video calls for 2048 people and no time limit

The VKontakte team announced the launch of a new application for computers - VKontakte calls.

The app is available in versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux. As the developers note, it will allow uniting up to 2048 people in a call without a time limit, including those who use the web version and the VKontakte mobile application.

In addition, in the coming month, the restriction on the number of call participants will be removed completely, an unlimited number of participants will be able to communicate simultaneously in each call. The press service emphasizes that VKontakte is the only platform that provides all these opportunities for free.

The app provides features such as 4K screen sharing, updated intelligent noise reduction, a waiting room for line-up control, AR backgrounds and facial enhancement. Calls can be recorded and broadcast to subscribers.

You can collect participants for a video conference not only by link, but also using calls - an incoming call will appear on the screen of a computer or mobile application, and the invited participant will be able to connect to the conversation.

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