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What's new in Webex: 5 new features worth trying


Cisco has a long history of helping people innovate and stay productive wherever they are. This platform has enabled remote work, education and social communication since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a result of which schools and workplaces were closed across the world and all aspects of people's lives were transformed into the digital world. Today, Webex continues to develop the business and support employees by providing more benefits.

This platform has played a fundamental role in the business continuity and development of companies by enabling governments to continue driving remotely. It was also an essential tool in supporting the performance of daily tasks in various specialities, as it facilitated doctors meetings with their patients safely and made the classes held by teachers with their students possible, among many other examples.

In addition, Cisco's Webex platform also supports companies by providing their employees with comprehensive and seamless digital experiences that provide the smart work environment required to meet today's workforce needs more than ever before.

As the primary collaboration platform for many companies in the region, Webex has brought new features and capabilities to empower a workforce operating from hybrid environments around the world. In the following five things must know about the advantages of Webex new

Live translation for a more comprehensive meeting experience

Thanks to the new direct translation feature, users will now be able to fully interact during meetings, translate from English into more than 100 other languages, enable teams to communicate more effectively and provide new opportunities for companies to build a more inclusive global workforce. Webex focused on this aspect to remove language barriers and provide an easier online conferencing experience.

Seamless recording across a range of devices

Users can now start and stop recordings completely or paused and replay them as needed during their calls, giving them greater flexibility and control. And when the call is recorded, the recording will continue if they decide to transfer the call to another device, combine it with another active call, or make it a conference call.

Optimizing Communication Media for Webex Calling (ICE)

With the new option, users will be able to keep media and content in the office and improve call performance between Webex app users for using Webex Calling. This will help companies reduce bandwidth usage, reduce slowdowns, and improve quality and performance. The Webex Calling app and the Webex app support an integrated configuration environment to automatically optimize call performance.

Question and answer support for Webex meetings

This new feature helps users to conduct a training session or briefing session may need during which to receive questions and answers without closing the chat window. And allow meetings Webex now participants writing their questions in the panel questions and answers me c me by the host or hosts subscribers.

Enter a 9 character code to connect to a device

In cases where the fact that where convergence is possible, my obey a user and now connect the device through the use of 9 code symbols. For example, if they are connected to the guest network, they can simply get the 9 - digit code from the device and enter it in the panel control application Webex. And as soon as the communication device will be able to use the device to share the files for audio/video and share your screen wirelessly and control to the machine. And The flexibility of dependent companies over the efficiency and Ansiabatha in adapting to new disturbances through providing the characteristics and advantages of the new Webex taking this into account, continuing their updates Mazza O are in a way for use collaboration solutions for employees. O provided an environment intelligent work of and necessary for all the trap data today.


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