WhatsApp enables chatbot in Spanish to know where to get vaccinated in the United States


The vaccination process continues throughout the world. Fortunately, more and more people have access to the dose to be protected against Covid-19. The United States is one of the countries that has made the most progress in this process and is even inviting visitors to visit the country for tourism purposes and, incidentally, to receive the vaccine. With them and their large Hispanic community in mind, the CDC and WhatsApp launched a chatbot in Spanish so that people know where to go.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are providing the information so that WhatsApp users can access a vaccine search service designed for those who speak Spanish and have not yet received their dose against Covid -19.

The service, called “My chat about Covid vaccines ”, is a chatbot that not only helps users find places to get vaccinated but also allows them to find free trips to get there.

In addition to that function, something they are highlighting is that the service is also designed to counter the most common misinformation about vaccines, for example, related to side effects, in addition to emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated. The authorities indicated that this action is important since Latino communities have been the target of a wave of misinformation about vaccines during the pandemic, much of which was spread through WhatsApp, so that, through the same medium, they will approach reliable information.

To use this chatbot you need to send the "hello" message to 1-833-636-1122.

The version in Mexico

If you don't want to or can't get vaccinated in the United States, don't worry, in Mexico, there is also a chatbot that can help you in your vaccination process and it's called “Dr. Armando Vaccuno ”.

In this case, the information displayed by the virtual assistant is supported by the Ministry of Health. It is available 24 hours a day with the intention of answering the most frequent doubts about the vaccines, the places of application, or the risks of contagion after receiving the dose. You also have the ability to send appointment reminders, including the application of the second dose, when appropriate.

The bot, Dr. Armando Vaccuno, is available through this link : wa.me/525617130557 . If you click from your cell phone it will automatically open WhatsApp, from a computer you must give it permission to open the web version of the app.

The other option is to add the chatbot as a WhatsApp contact with the number +52 56 1713 0557.

Likewise, the people who, upon registering on the website of the Ministry of Health and giving their authorization, will automatically receive a message from “Dr. Armando Vaccuno ”, via WhatsApp, to confirm the day of the appointment and inform that reminders and information about the vaccines will be sent periodically. At any time, users can stop the warnings by sending the word "LOW" or through the application's control tools.

Finally, it should be noted that this is not a tool designed only for those who are going to be vaccinated, it is useful for anyone as it offers information such as what to do before and after being vaccinated, as well as basic prevention measures to avoid infections.

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