WhatsApp: Know the way to silence the statuses of a contact


This tool allows you to filter what some user of the messaging app does not want to read and not give importance to what those contacts publish in their status.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp statuses are quite popular, many of them are not loved by users, so for them, there is a small and simple trick with which the statuses of a particular Contact can be silenced.

Those statuses of the messaging App can be silenced by following simple steps. Everything, to somehow silence what a user does not want to know about another contact.

Mute WhatsApp statuses

This tutorial is quite simple, which can be done in both iOS and Android, in which you must do the following:

  • Enter WhatsApp and then the status item.

  • After that, click on a particular state.

  • With that, WhatsApp will load a window in which it will indicate whether or not the user wants to silence the status of a particular contact.

  • After that, you will only be able to know about that contact if they write to you, but you will never be able to see their status again.

This process is carried out individually, a contact that will not be aware of what the client has done.

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