WhatsApp: The trick to send invisible messages


Surprise your friends with invisible WhatsApp messages, here we tell you the ways you can send them. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world; the messages, photos, audios, videos, and calls allow us more connected with our loved ones, especially now that it is not possible haunts before.

The arrival of stickers on WhatsApp has made messaging more and more entertaining since it is possible to exchange memes or even funny images with emblematic sounds.

And although the application does not allow some things like sending messages without any content, a trick has come to make communication more fun: invisible messages.

Sending these messages through WhatsApp does not have a specific function, since you are not actually sending anything. These are transparent characters that cannot be seen by the other person, so their purpose is only playful: to surprise and joke with your friends.

We tell you how you can send invisible messages on WhatsApp. Read on to learn how to apply this trick.

Download an app

You have probably noticed that it is not possible to send an empty message, even if you use the space bar; You have to add a point, a letter, or an Emoji to be able to send it.

There are two ways to send invisible messages on WhatsApp. The first is by downloading an application. You should search the Play Store for "send empty messages ." By doing so, you will find different applications such as Blank Message (for WhatsApp ) or Blank Messages, you can choose the one that you like the most.

When installing and opening it, the application will give you to choice of the number of rows or invisible characters that you want to send, this will serve to make your message longer or shorter. Once you define it, press the send icon in which a series of options will be displayed: send through WhatsApp, copy and choose another messenger.

If you select the first option, WhatsApp will open; You must choose the contact you want to send the invisible message to and that's it. The message will be sent without content.

With the "copy" option, the empty characters will remain on your clipboard, in this way you can go to your WhatsApp, open the conversation you want, paste the invisible message and send it.

By selecting "choose another messenger" different applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Gmail will be displayed to send the invisible message.

Use a link

If you don't have enough space on your cell phone or you just don't want to download an application. The telecommunications company Telcel indicates that there is a link to copy the empty characters and paste them into WhatsApp, which will allow you to send invisible messages without having to search and install anything.

All you have to do is click here. Once you do, select the purple rectangle with the legend "Copy!", Then you will have to open WhatsApp, choose the conversation you want to send the invisible message to, paste it and send it.

In this option the number of characters and rows is already determined, if you want to send longer messages, you will have to paste the invisible text several times before sending it.

Have fun sending invisible messages to your friends and see their reactions with this simple trick that will surprise anyone.

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