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Windows 11 will not support the presence of the Internet Explorer browser


Windows 10 used to let users run Internet Explorer, the old version of Microsoft Edge, and the new Chromium-powered Edge, and this trio of browsers was the perfect illustration of Microsoft's struggles with the web over the past decade, but now that the Internet has Explorer To rest in 2022, it has disappeared from Windows 11 as well.

Microsoft revealed that Internet Explorer will be “disabled” in Windows 11, as it completely disappears from Windows 11, and the company said, “The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will not be available on Windows 11,” and Microsoft Edge is expected to be the default browser for Windows 11.

This is the first time that Microsoft has not bundled Internet Explorer with a new version of Windows in more than 20 years, with Windows 95 OEM Service version 2.5 in 1997 being the first time Microsoft explicitly bundled Internet Explorer into Windows Explorer and other major parts of the Windows.

This compilation led to the United States' antitrust fight against Microsoft just one year after Internet Explorer debuted in October 1997.

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