Windows 11 will run faster than Windows 10 by optimizing CPU, memory, and storage resources

The new Windows 11 OS will delight users not only with new functions and a refreshed interface but also more economical use of resources of key PC hardware components - processor, memory, and storage.

According to Steve Dispensa, Microsoft's vice president of corporate governance, the changes made to Windows 11 reduce RAM usage by 32% and CPU usage by 37%. When optimizing, great attention was paid to speeding up the Windows hibernation and wake-up processes. Intel processors starting with the 8th Gen Intel Core will provide near-instant Windows wake-up, with the system starting up about as fast as ARM-based devices.

Microsoft has also changed the resource allocation prioritization for applications. So, tasks running in the background that require a lot of computing power will not slow down other applications. This change alone allows the system to wake up from sleep 25% faster.

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