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One of the advantages, or disadvantages of the internet and social networks, depending on who you ask, is that there is a trace of everything that is published. It is very common for people to put screenshots from other social platforms to prove, for better or for worse, that someone said something. And now Twitter wants to make that process easier, at least with Instagram, where it will be possible to post a tweet directly.

Twitter reported that it is testing an option to share tweets directly on Instagram. However, the company clarified that, for now, it is implementing this feature only in its application for iOS.

Basically what it allows is that when the button is pressed to share under a tweet now publish option appears Stories of Instagram. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to take a screenshot to later publish the image, with another advantage that it is no longer necessary to use the phone's storage with photographs that you will surely not use again.

What is worth saying is that, if the person who published the tweet decides to delete it, when you go to Instagram you will see a message that the content is no longer available so, yes it really is something important about what you want to save evidence, the recommendation is still to take a capture.

Remember that years ago, it was possible to publish your Instagram photos on Twitter easily and they would appear as cards in tweets. However, in 2012, Instagram dropped support for them to redirect more people to its own app and website. Now the tweet sharing function seems to be a small step so that in the future we will see better integration between the platforms again.

The new feature is good news for lovers of these social networks who have had a love-hate relationship in the past. Twitter co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey was a huge fan and supporter of Instagram when it launched, even at one point suggesting that the company might buy the photo-sharing service. However, as we know, Facebook eventually sealed the deal by offering $ 1 billion, which Dorsey didn't like.

Another function that Twitter is working on and you might be interested in is preventing them from mentioning you with an @ and your username.

The platform knows that for many users it is a nuisance for someone to arrogate them on Twitter as it means a constant arrival of notifications, which are not always of interest, so it is creating a new tool that will allow them to get rid of mentions.

According to what a company engineer revealed, when this feature is available, people will be able to withdraw from the conversation simply by selecting a mention option from the three-dot menu in a tweet. Also, in the event that an account that doesn't follow mentions you, you will receive a special notification along with an option to prevent them from being tagged.

Twitter also reported that it is thinking about the times when people mention a user in droves, for example when it comes to someone involved in a trend that they do not want to be a part of and will also create a special notification for that.

And, in case that only for a few hours the person wants to be disconnected from what happens on social networks, the company said that the function can be used to pause the mentions for a day, three or seven.

Surely the functions that we are talking about today at Tech Bit will be very well received by thousands of users, however, it must be emphasized that it is only proof of concept. For now, Twitter is only looking for feedback on features it could implement later.

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