YouTube is now better and more user-friendly


Google has announced several improvements to the popular YouTube video streaming service. The first change is showing video chapters in search results. When searching on a mobile device, you can save time by not clicking on plays or watching ads, just to find out what the video is about: just click on the drop-down button to see the video chapter titles. This can give an idea of ​​whether the video is worth watching.

The second change makes it easier to find content in other languages ​​and should broaden the results you get. Videos in different languages ​​appeared in search results with translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles, making the results more complete.

Finally, YouTube reported that mobile devices in India and Indonesia also receive search results with links to websites. This helps people find information that may not be available on YouTube. The developers said they will analyze the reviews before rolling out the feature to other countries.

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