Alipay App Homepage Management Update

Alipay App homepage management update, adding support for closing homepage management "smart location service", "basement", "service dynamic reminder", etc. Alipay homepage management has previously supported search bar recommendation, application dynamic reminder, activity recommendation, and column management are closed.

  • Smart location service: After opening, enter certain areas such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, scenic spots, etc., and the Alipay homepage may recommend related services for you.

  • Alipay Basement: Build a user-exclusive space, dedicated to providing users with a rich and interesting interactive experience. The functions that have been launched include mood calendar, mood planet, slow live broadcast, etc., and are still expanding for space exploration and more gameplay.

  • Service dynamic reminder: "My" page settings - service dynamic reminder, it will remind you of the latest dynamic content of the service in the form of red dots, text, etc. You can choose to close, and the corresponding dynamic content will not be reminded again.

Alipay App has previously added display switches such as "Homepage Column Card" and "Life Channel Entry", and users can freely choose the content they want to display. In addition to the necessary functions such as scanning, payment, applet, message box, etc. on the Alipay homepage, the display of other columns can basically be turned on and off by itself.


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