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AMD is hiring engineers to improve its Linux graphics driver installation experience

AMD, which works on rapidly updating its open-source Linux graphics drivers, is beloved by the Linux community, but for enterprise Linux distributions that stick with older packages and want to run a vetted driver stack, AMD is not friendly. The AMD-packaged Linux driver stack supports only a subset of enterprise-grade Linux. Now, AMD will be hiring Linux to build engineers to solve these problems.

The job posting states, " We are looking for experienced software engineers to enhance the building, packaging and installation of Linux graphics drivers. The successful candidate will use their knowledge in Linux application development or Linux system administration to be responsible for AMD's current and future hardware Developing AMD GPU Drivers". At the same time, AMD states that the position requires candidates to be proficient in multiple Linux distributions and multiple package managers (rpm, dpkg, apt, yum, dnf, zypper, etc.).

AMD's open-source driver stack is excellent but relies heavily on AMD GPU kernel drivers that can run newer versions in upstream Linux and Mesa. If there is wider Radeon Software for Linux driver package support, it will greatly improve the AMD Linux graphics driver installation experience. It's worth mentioning that NVIDIA's proprietary Linux drivers are mostly easy to run on Linux distributions.

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