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Android launcher Apple's iOS 16 theme has been downloaded more than 50 million times

A launcher app in the Google Play Store designed to reproduce the iOS experience on Android smartphones has more than 50 million downloads, and now brings changes and features similar to iOS 16 design renew.

The app isn't new on the Google Play Store and has been rebuilding the iOS experience on Android for the past three years. Starting with iOS 13 and every major iOS release since then, the app has been updated to conform to the latest iOS theme designs.

Called "Launcher iOS 16," the iOS-mimicking launcher app recreates the iOS home screen, the Dock, the Force Touch menu on apps, "Shake Mode," the App Library, iOS-style widgets, and more. The launcher also replaces app icons with iOS icons, such as messages, memos, cameras, and even the Google Play Store using the Apple App Store icon.

Among the standard Android features, the launcher provides users with a lot of customization features not available on the iPhone, such as the ability to customize the classification of apps in the app library, adjust home screen animations, easily rename apps, and more.

The Android launcher is getting a new wave of attention with an update that mimics the iOS 16 themes. The biggest change in iOS 16 is the redesigned lock screen. The new lock screen may prompt Android users interested in trying Apple's latest design to download "Launcher iOS 16", but the launcher does not currently support a similar iOS 16 lock screen.

An Android launcher is a program that runs on a device's home screen, with its own design, personalization features, and settings beyond the options provided by the device's original manufacturer. In fact, there are numerous launchers in the Google Play Store that promise to recreate the iOS experience on Android, the vast majority of which have surpassed 1 million downloads.

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