Apple 100 US stores have resumed the mask order

As the number of new crown infections in the United States soared again, about 100 Apple stores once again implemented a mask order, and employees must wear masks when working.

There are some differences this time. Customers are not required to wear masks when they go to an Apple Store, but Apple still recommends that customers wear them.

Apple has been adjusting its arrangements to align with local regulations during the pandemic. In March, as the epidemic eased, Apple no longer forced employees to wear masks, and even this time, not all stores required them.

In addition to store employees, Apple also requires other employees to wear masks in public areas when they return to the company's office. At present, Apple employees must work in the office for 2 days a week. In the future, it will be adjusted to 3 days according to the situation, but the adjustment time has been postponed.


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