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Apple Music announced the TOP 100 hottest songs in mainland China in 2022

Specifically, the most popular single is Qilixiang by Jay Chou. In the top ten of the list, except for Eason Chan's Lonely Brave, which is known as the Kindergarten Song, which ranks sixth, the other nine singles are all Jay Chou's songs. In this list, apart from Jay Chou who has more than 60 songs on the list, JJ Lin and Eason Chan have a sense of presence with 9 and 6 songs respectively, and the performance of foreign singers is even more appalling.

Global charts: Song of the year is won by "Stay" released in 2021 by singers The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

In fact, Jay Chou has dominated the hottest list of Apple Music in mainland China for many years, and many songs are old songs from 20 years ago. Many users may wonder why this is the case, and some users even suspect that this list is fake. Some netizens analyzed this, besides Jay Chou's music itself being really good, there are other reasons that lead to Jay Chou's topping the charts for many years. The first is the issue of copyright. Apple Music needs to pay for a membership, and it also happens to have the copyright of Jay Chou's music.

However, free music such as Douyin Divine Comedy and Internet Divine Comedy that ordinary listeners love is not available on Apple Music, which naturally limits Everyone's choice for listening to music. Some netizens said it was a matter of their listening habits. Many netizens reported that they used to listen to Jay Chou’s songs on NetEase Cloud Music, but later switched to QQ Music after they had no copyright. However, they needed members to listen to Jay Chou’s songs. Listened to it on Apple Music.


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