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Bilibili's dispute over the trademark Bilibili was rejected

On September 13th, the first-instance administrative judgment of Shanghai Huantian Information Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Station B, and the State Intellectual Property Office Information and Telecommunications Administration (Information, Telecommunications) was released.

The document shows that Shanghai Magic Electric Information Technology Co., Ltd. filed a request for invalidation of the disputed trademark " Bilibili " held by a food company, and submitted relevant evidence materials to the State Intellectual Property Office.

The court believes that the focal issue of this case is whether the application for registration of the trademark in dispute constitutes whether the trademark applied for registration of the same or dissimilar goods under the Trademark Law is a copy, imitation or translation of a well-known trademark that has been registered in China by others, which is misleading. the public, so that the interests of the well-known trademark registrant may be prejudiced.

The document shows that because the evidence in the case is insufficient to prove that the cited trademark "BILIBILI" has a high reputation in the training and other services approved for use, the cited trademark does not comply with the 14th Trademark Law. The court ruled to reject the claim of the plaintiff Shanghai Magic Electric Information Technology Co.Ltd.

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