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BYD's New Sub-Brand Fang Leopard Unveils First Model, the Leopard 5

BYD's new sub-brand Fang Leopard, which focuses on "personality," has officially announced that its first model will be named the Leopard 5.

Leopard 5
Leopard 5

The Leopard 5 was originally code-named SF and is positioned as a new energy hardcore off-road vehicle. It is said to be a benchmark against the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The car has been spotted multiple times in spy photos, with the "mysterious number" 2316 or 2318 printed on the car. The industry generally interprets this as meaning that the car will have dual motors, three differential locks in the front, middle, and rear, and a super battery life of 1,000 kilometers. It is also expected to be released in June or August.

In late June, it was reported that BYD will launch a new exclusive hybrid system called DM-o. DM-o is the latest "ace technology" launched by BYD following its two hybrid technologies DM-i and DM-p. It is said to make BYD a "master of plug-in hybrid platforms."

The hybrid system of the new platform will integrate the core technical advantages of DM-i and DM-p, with a comprehensive battery life of 1,200 kilometers and a maximum power of more than 500 kilowatts.

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