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Changan Dark Blue SL03 launched this month

Changan Dark Blue SL03
Changan Dark Blue SL03

Changan Deep Blue SL03 will be launched in July and delivery will begin in August, according to a report from Easy Car. Previously, the Changan Deep Blue SL03 announced the pre-sale price range of 179,800 yuan to 231,800 yuan during the Chongqing Auto Show. As the first model built by Changan Deep Blue, the Deep Blue SL03 has power modes such as pure electric, extended range, and hydrogen-electric power. It is equipped with a large-size suspended central control screen, AR-HUD head-up display, hidden door handles, Frameless doors, floating rear wing, and LED taillights.

The declaration information shows that the Changan Dark Blue SL03 has a length, width, and height of 4820/1890/1480 mm, a wheelbase of 2900 mm, and two tire specifications of 225/55R18 and 245/45R19.

According to previous information, the pure electric long-range version of the Deep Blue SL03 has a battery life of more than 700km under CLTC conditions, and the performance version has a maximum power of more than 190 kilowatts; two battery versions of 58 degrees and 78 degrees are available, with a battery life of 515 kilometers and 712 kilometers respectively.

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