China has started the construction of national computing power hub nodes and 10 national data center

In February this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Cyberspace Administration of Eight places including Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, and Ningxia started the construction of national computing power hub nodes, and 10 national data center clusters have been planned.

So far, the overall layout design of the national integrated big data center system has been completed, and the "East and West" project has been officially launched.

Today, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on infrastructure construction.

Zhang Zhihua, deputy director of the High-Tech Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that in February of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the Central Cyberspace Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Energy Administration and other departments, launched the "East and West" project. Eight regions including Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu-Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia have started the construction of national computing power hubs, established 10 national data center clusters, and officially launched the construction of national integrated big data The curtain of the central system. For more than half a year, we have accelerated the progress in accordance with the established deployment, and the "East and West" project has achieved initial results.

Zhang Zhihua said that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with relevant departments to promote the "East Number and West Calculation" project in a three-dimensional manner, focusing on strengthening four synergies. Further strengthen the simultaneous implementation of data center engineering construction and supporting policies such as network use, land use, energy use, and water use, and promote the early completion and application of major engineering projects. Make full use of the central budget investment, various financial instruments, separate energy consumption and other policy mean, and support the national computing power hub and the national data center cluster to play an early role. On the basis of the national computing power hub that has been deployed, coordinate and promote the integrated construction of computing power supply stations, network test lines, computing power scheduling networks, data element fields, and security shields, and build a nationwide, multi-layered computing power network system . Guided by the national computing power hub and data center cluster, on the basis of large-scale aggregation of computing power and rich scenario applications, it will promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries, and jointly build a computing industry ecosystem.

According to reports, at present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global economic structure. As the core product of the digital economy, computing power has become the new focus of global strategic competition. Up to now, the scale of my country's data centers has reached 5 million standard racks, and the computing power has reached 130EFLOPS (1300 billion floating-point operations per second).

With the continuous penetration of digital technology into all areas of the economy and society, the demand for computing power in the whole society is still very urgent, and it is expected to continue to grow rapidly at a rate of more than 20% every year. Computing power has become an important infrastructure for the development of the national economy. Accelerating the construction of computing power will effectively stimulate the innovation vitality of data elements, accelerate the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, give birth to new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models, and support high-quality economic development.

At present, most of my country's data centers are located in the eastern region. Due to the increasing shortage of resources such as land and energy, it is unsustainable to develop large-scale data centers in the eastern region. The western region of my country is rich in resources, especially renewable energy, and has the potential to develop data centers and meet the computing power needs of the eastern region. To this end, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of my country's system and mechanism, integrate the layout from a national perspective, optimize the allocation of resources, and improve the efficiency of resource use.

The "East and West Calculation" project guides large and super-large data centers to gather in the hub by deploying 8 computing power hubs across the country to form a data center cluster. Give full play to the effect of scale and intensification, increase policy support, improve the scale and efficiency of the overall computing power, and drive the development of upstream and downstream industries related to data centers.

In addition, in order to resolutely avoid the blind development of data centers, in the current initial stage, 10 data center clusters have been planned and established in 8 computing power hubs, the physical boundaries have been delineated, and development goals such as green energy saving and listing rate have been clarified. For example, the average availability rate of data centers in the cluster must reach at least 65%, and the utilization rate of renewable energy must be significantly improved.

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