China Mobile Beijing upgrades gigabit broadband services

China Mobile Beijing Company (Beijing Mobile) today released the Gigabit broadband exclusive service plan, covering three aspects of connection, service, and application, and comprehensively upgrading the original business to provide Beijing Citizens provide a new experience.

In terms of connectivity, Beijing Mobile has upgraded and launched the "all-optical WiFi", which combines the latest WiFi 6 Internet access technology, gigabit broadband and FTTR intelligent master/slave gateway to lay optical fibers in every room to solve the network signal in each room of the family. Different strength issues, create a "super gigabit" WiFi network environment for the whole house . The combination of gigabit broadband, gigabit WIFI, and gigabit 5G has created a network environment for citizens to surf the Internet anytime, anywhere from outdoors to indoors.

In terms of services, since 2019, Beijing Mobile has launched the "Quick Install and Quick Repair" broadband installation and maintenance service, and customers can make real-time appointments by dialing 10086. In order to continuously improve the satisfaction of home customers, Beijing Mobile has trained a group of professionally certified gold home network engineers to provide citizens with more professional technical services. After the service upgrade, the gold engineers will provide free relocation, night maintenance, home network debugging and other services for the customers of the Gigabit Exclusive Plan, so as to solve all the problems of Beijing citizens' home Internet access.

In terms of rights and interests, Beijing Mobile has also upgraded a number of exclusive travel rights for exclusive customers, including airport and high-speed rail VIP lounges, airport express lanes, insurance, etc., as well as popular applications such as Migu Video membership and China Mobile cloud disk. series of products included.

Beijing Mobile said that as an information service provider in the capital, it will continue to strengthen the construction of digital city infrastructure to achieve gigabit home and 5G network coverage. Focusing on "customer-centricity", we continue to enrich digital products and bring higher-quality 5G, gigabit broadband and other services to customers.

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