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China: Nezha S and Denza Z9GT vehicle application drawing released

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 382nd batch of new product announcements in the "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products," revealing two new hunting vehicles that are sure to catch your attention.

The first vehicle is the Nezha S, which is available in two power versions: pure electric and plug-in extended range. The single-motor version of the pure electric model has a peak power of 200kW, while the dual-motor version has a peak power of 170kW/200kW. On the other hand, the plug-in extended-range engine power is 70kW, and the peak power of the motor is 200kW. With a top speed of 185km/h, this hunting vehicle is perfect for adventure-seekers looking for a thrilling ride.

What's more, Nezha S offers customization options for its users. You can choose the front grille, fog lamp cover decorative strips, wheel rims, colored calipers, caliper decorative covers, exterior rearview mirrors (including camera status), lidar, and more. The car's length, width, and height are 4980mm, 1980mm, and 1480mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2980mm. The vehicle is built on the Shanhai Platform 2.0 and is expected to be unveiled around the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

Next up is the Denza Z9GT model, which features a low-lying safari shape and a family-style design for its front face. The car comes in a gold paint finish and has a top speed of 240km/h. The length, width, and height of the Denza Z9GT model are 5180mm, 1990mm, and 1500 (1480) mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 3125mm. The car comes standard with a panoramic canopy and electric rear wing, and users can also opt for side skirts, roof lidar, front lidar without lidar, front lidar with lidar, carbon fiber decorative parts, streaming media exterior mirrors, air suspension, and more.

What sets the Denza Z9GT model apart is its impressive power capabilities. The car is equipped with three motors, front/rear left/rear right, namely AC asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, and permanent magnet synchronous motor. The peak power of the motor is 230kW/240kW/240kW respectively. The slender split taillights on the back of the car are also well-recognized, making this hunting vehicle a head-turner on the road.

While the Nezha S and Denza Z9GT models have unique features and specifications, both vehicles are worth considering for auto enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and adventurous ride. The Nezha S offers customization options, while the Denza Z9GT model boasts impressive power capabilities. Stay tuned for their official unveiling and launch in the coming months.

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