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Douyin (Tik Tok) Launches Desktop Chat Software for Windows and Mac Users

Douyin, the popular Chinese social media platform, has recently launched a new desktop chat software called "Douyin Chat". The software is available for both Windows and Mac users and can be downloaded from the official Douyin website.

The official website states that the software will be updated on December 30, 2022, with the latest version being 1.0.0. It is not yet clear what features the software will offer, but it is likely that it will allow users to chat with their friends and connections on Douyin from their desktop computers.

In addition to the chat function, Douyin Chat also allows users to log in using the Douyin app by scanning a code. This ensures that users can access their accounts and chat with their friends on the desktop software while also being able to use the mobile app.

The interface of Douyin Chat is fairly simple, with a layout that is similar to the WeChat computer version. The left side of the screen includes a switch button for switching between the chat and friend list interfaces, the middle of the screen displays the friend column, and the right side includes the chat box.

The launch of Douyin Chat marks the fourth major move in the platform's socialization strategy. Previously, in 2020, Douyin launched the "video version of the circle of friends", known as the friend tab, which allowed users to connect with their friends and share videos on the platform.

This latest move, however, appears to be different from the previous ones, as it focuses more on function rather than simply starting up. It is unclear exactly how Douyin Chat will differ from the other features and functions offered by the platform, but it is clear that the company is continuing to focus on providing its users with a comprehensive social media experience.


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