Douyin (Tik Tok) Mac version launched on Apple App Store

In early September this year, the Douyin Mac desktop client was released and can be downloaded from Douyin’s official website. Now, the Mac version of Douyin has been launched on the Apple App Store.


Play in a small window, switch freely:

  • The video becomes a small window, which is exciting without occupying the screen, and learning and entertainment are not wrong

  • Full screen or small window, as you want, the screen space is in control

Practical content, daily selection:

  • Life tips, new technical knowledge, and practical content are all on Douyin;

  • Douyin hot list, film and television variety shows, personalized recommendation of wonderful content.

Quick operation, instant interaction

  • Turn on automatic continuous broadcasting, free your hands

  • Shortcut key to like and favorite, super convenient

  • You can also interact and chat with friends, and comment while watching.

Quality live broadcast, intimate companionship

  • Watch the game live broadcast and experience the exciting battle moments;

  • Use the big screen as a mirror and practice with the fitness anchor.

The Douyin computer version has been put on the Microsoft Windows 11 / Windows 10 app store earlier this year, and users can swipe short videos on the computer.

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