Facebook criticizes the accusations against it of ignoring the repair of defects on the platform

Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs at Facebook, criticized a series of reports published by the Wall Street Journal, which indicated that the social network is aware of many problems across its platforms that cause harm to users, but does nothing. Little to fix it.

Clegg said in a blog post: “It is legitimate to be held accountable for how we dealt with some of the problems described in the newspaper reports, but the stories contain intentionally wrong descriptions of what we are trying to do and gave egregiously false motives to the leadership of Facebook and its employees.

This week the newspaper published a comprehensive series of stories reported about the platform, based on its review of internal documents, concluding that the company's platforms are riddled with flaws that cause harm, often in ways the company doesn't fully understand. The newspaper says it excludes celebrities from the platform's standard moderation rules.

The newspaper provided a look at internal research showing that the photo-sharing platform Instagram is a problem for the mental health of younger users, and how the company's changes to the algorithm increased engagement but made users angrier, in addition, provided a look at employees' concerns about how they use Company platforms in human trafficking.

And how CEO Mark Zuckerberg's initiative to promote COVID-19 vaccines attracted anti-vaccination activists who flooded the platform with negative comments.

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