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GM of GAC Aian: There is basically no bargaining power in cooperation with Huawei

The 19th China Automotive Marketing Summit - Hangzhou Summit was successfully held. The summit discussed the future development of the automotive industry with the theme of "turbulent pattern, advanced evolution".

At this summit, the host mentioned that Zeng Qinghong, chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., once said at the 2022 World Power Battery Conference last month that the cost of power batteries has reached 40%-60% of the cost of the car. Working for the Ningde era. Therefore, the host asked Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of GAC Aian New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.: "Do you think the current car companies are working for suppliers? How can new energy car companies get rid of the role of workers? In other words, how can we cooperate more equally in the supply chain?”

In this regard, Xiao Yong replied that GAC Group will carry out self-research on battery technology and the construction of battery factories. At the same time, it will ensure its core competitiveness in the field of EV and electrified ICV, and form a corporate moat.

In addition, Xiao Yong said: "I will also complain again, it may not only be the battery. Huawei is a relatively large supplier, and its products may be relatively good, but the price is not controlled." He said that if GAC Aian wanted to cooperate with Huawei, they would find that there was basically no bargaining power.

Xiao Yong believes that in order to truly master the core technologies of GAC Aeon in the future, in addition to open cooperation, it is also necessary to "practice internal skills", such as the core technologies of Sanden, ICV, domain controller, intelligent cockpit and so on. In the future planning of GAC Aeon, 70% may be market procurement and cooperation, and 30% will be self-research. On the one hand, GAC Aian made this plan because of market trade-offs, and on the other hand, GAC Aian did not refuse to use external resources.

GAC Aeon is currently preparing to build a power battery company and a power battery mass production line. This means that GAC Aeon will promote the industrialization layout of self-developed and self-produced batteries, and achieve a self-controllable power battery supply.

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