GOG Plus One: Free Cyberpunk Adventure Game "VirtuaVerse", Support Simplified Chinese

A new addition to the GOG platform is here. The cyberpunk adventure game "VirtuaVerse" has now opened for free collection until the evening of June 27. "VirtuaVerse" will be released in May 2020, supports simplified Chinese, and is a pixel-style click adventure gameplay as a whole.

About the Game

In the not-so-distant future, an AI surpasses its peers, frees itself from government control, and takes over society as a whole. This artificial intelligence connects people to the same neural network, and optimizes people's experience by processing individual personal information, thereby dragging the entire society into a virtual reality that is permanently integrated with the human brain.

As a marginal person, Nathan has no intention of connecting to this new system. He is free from the main network and relies on smuggling and selling modified accessories and cracking software to make a living. He owns a pair of augmented virtual reality (AVR) glasses he assembles himself, so he can leave the AVR world and see what the real world looks like at any time.

Nathan has a girlfriend named Jay who is a gifted AVR graffiti writer, and her drone has left her splendid creations on the streets of the city. One morning, Nathan woke up to find that Jay was missing from her pillow and that she had written a strange word on the bathroom mirror.

Although Nathan accidentally broke his glasses when he woke up and is now unable to connect to the Internet, he decided he had to find his girlfriend and find out her whereabouts. However, it's not as good as the sky, and he soon finds himself involved in a shocking secret and learns that Jay has joined a hacker group, and he also knows a group of AVR tech wizards.

He had to travel all over the world, touching accessory graveyards, digital archaeology, crypto-shamanic tribes, and the intoxication of life and death in virtual reality.

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