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Google Messages Gains Support for Ultra HDR Image Sharing

Google has reportedly added support for Ultra HDR image format in RCS chats on the Google Messages app for Android 14 devices. This means that users with Android 14 devices can now share high-quality HDR images with each other through the Google Messages app when they are using RCS chat.

What is Ultra HDR Image Format?

Ultra HDR image format is a new standard for HDR images that was introduced with Android 14. It is a standard JPEG format with HDR metadata. This means that non-HDR displays will still be able to show the image, but HDR displays will be able to boost the color and contrast of the image using the shared HDR metadata.

How to Share Ultra HDR Images in Google Messages

There are no special steps required to share Ultra HDR images in Google Messages. Simply share the image as you would normally, and Google Messages will automatically detect that the image is an Ultra HDR image and share it accordingly.

When Will This Feature Be Available?

The feature is currently rolling out to Pixel 8 devices, and it is expected to be available for all Android 14 devices in the coming weeks.

Google has not made any official announcement regarding the availability of the new feature. It is also unclear whether or not there will be any labels to indicate that an image sent or received is an Ultra HDR image. However, the image will get the gain map applied when the user views it.


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