How to repeatedly play a YouTube video on the computer or phone?


You may only need to watch a video several times continuously, repeating a video can be useful if you are learning a new skill from a YouTube tutorial, or if you simply want to play a video in the background at an event, So here's how to set up the repeat feature on your desktop or mobile app.

How to Repeat Play a YouTube Video on Desktop This works no matter what web browser you're using.

  • On YouTube, go to the video you want to playback.

  • Right-click on the video and select the word Loop in the pop-up window.

How to loop a YouTube video on the mobile app YouTube recently added the loop feature to the mobile app, working with iPhone, iPad, and Android?

  • Open the YouTube app on your device and navigate to the video you want to repeat.

  • Tap the screen to reveal the three dots icon in the upper-right corner, then tap the three dots to open the video menu.

  • In the pop-up, select Repeat video and note that the repeat option does not appear in the pop-up If the ad is running before playing your video, you have to wait for the ad to finish before you can loop, also to turn off the feature, you will need to repeat this process.


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