In the future phones may allow calling and messages without coverage from mobile networks

In the midst of fierce competition between telecom service providers, leaks spread about future phones that may allow communications and sending messages in emergency situations without the need for mobile networks.

And reports in the international media published leaks of new tools, which may be available in future phones, that would allow making calls and sending texts via LEO satellites, even without coverage from mobile networks.

According to the leaks, the satellite texting tools will limit the length of messages, and the texts will automatically go to a phone registered with emergency acquaintances, even if the Do Not Disturb setting is turned on.

As is known, major international companies are currently working to provide satellite Internet services via satellite. One of the most prominent of these companies is SpaceX, which Reuters reported that it plans to deploy 12,000 satellites, which may ensure the provision of wireless Internet to the whole world using the Starlink satellite system.

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