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Inside the Beast: Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Interior Revealed

Two years after the initial concept reveal, Bugatti has finally unveiled the interior of its track-focused hypercar, the Bolide. Limited to just 40 units, the $4.7 million masterpiece is already sold out, leaving us with the tantalising glimpses of its futuristic cockpit.

Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Interior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Interior

X Marks the Spot: The most striking feature is undoubtedly the X-shaped steering wheel, drawing inspiration from the car's taillights. Designed with input from Bugatti's test drivers, this detachable component boasts eight key buttons for controlling ABS and traction settings. When not in use, the steering wheel can even be displayed as a work of art in your boardroom.

Digital Overlay: Multiple digital displays adorn the dashboard, providing vital information like G-forces and lap times. Bugatti Bolide's interior is motorsport-inspired, featuring a lightweight monocoque chassis for a unique seating position. The driver is positioned slightly reclined, with raised heels and an ideal angle towards the car's nose.

Lightweight Carbon Fibre: For a significant weight reduction, Bugatti has opted for carbon fibre-shelled race seats available in four size options. Additionally, both the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable, tailor-made for each driver. Other captivating elements include exhaust pipe-shaped AC vents, Alcantara upholstery, exposed carbon fibre components, and a sophisticated button layout on the centre console.

Safety First: The Bolide prioritizes safety with a HANS head and neck system, a fire suppression system, 6-point seat harnesses, and multi-piece seat headrests attached to the door frames.

Aerodynamic Design: The exterior boasts a roof-mounted air scoop, specialized air curtains, and front splitter winglets, highlighting its aerodynamic focus. The low-slung design comes in at a height of just 995mm, making it significantly lower than the Chiron.

Powerhouse Performance: The Bolide houses the same 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbo engine as the Chiron, but with a twist. Using 110-octane racing fuel and new turbochargers, Bugatti has managed to push the output to a staggering 1,825bhp and 1,850Nm of torque. This translates to a 0-100km/h time of just 2.17 seconds and a 0-200km/h time of 4.36 seconds. Extensive use of titanium further contributes to a remarkably lightweight construction, with a total kerb weight of 1,240kg.

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