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Jiyue 01 Receives Third OTA Update in 90 Days at Jiyue AI DAY 2024

Jiyue, a car company focused on car-machine OTAs, announced a major update for its Jiyue 01 model at their AI DAY 2024 event tonight. The V1.4.0 update is the third OTA update for the Jiyue 01 in just 90 days, and the fifth since its launch.

This update brings improvements across several areas, including smart driving, smart cockpit, smart interconnection, and battery efficiency. Over 200 features have been upgraded, and more than 5,300 user feedback issues have been addressed.

One of the highlights of the update is the improved OCC (Occupancy Network technology) visualization. Jiyue also announced a two-way integration with SIMO and Wen Xin Yiyan's large language model, aiming to achieve a "human, vehicle, and family ecology" based on this technology.

Jiyue 01 integrates various technologies from companies like Wenxinyiyan, Apollo, Baidu Maps, and Xiaodu. The car will now fully leverage Baidu Maps' core capabilities, allowing drivers to use Jiyue's PPA smart driving system anywhere Baidu Map Navigation supports.

Jiyue also announced an upgrade to their OCC occupancy network. This coincides with the launch of Baidu Apollo's VTA (Vision Takes All) autonomous driving visual model, which offers improved dynamic and static detection, tracking, real-time mapping, and scene understanding.

The update expands Jiyue's PPA Intelligent Driving open city program to include Guangzhou. Additionally, the new OTA improves obstacle identification capabilities. The system can now detect a wider range of obstacles, including temporary construction elements, parked vehicles, and large trash cans, with centimeter-level 3D modeling comparable to LiDAR. Existing open cities for Jiyue PPA include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. Notably, Beijing's coverage area has been expanded to include major roads within the Fifth Ring Road.

The V1.4.0 update also includes several driving experience improvements, such as a new automatic turn signal function, customizable PPA high-speed lane change styles, blind-spot warning with image assistance for automatic steering, and optimizations to forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

Jiyue CEO Xia Yiping also announced the upcoming release of the Jiyue V2.0 version, which will feature a new, more powerful large language model, nationwide availability of PPA smart driving, and other significant upgrades.

According to Xia Yiping, "In the era of smart cars 3.0, 'robotization' is the way forward. Cars with natural communication, free movement, and self-learning capabilities will be the true 'AI Cars' of the future."

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