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Lynk & Co 08 to Debut in Meizu Offline Retail Stores on July 8

Lynk & Co 08 will debut in four Meizu offline retail stores in Wuhan, Xi'an, Ningbo, and Zhenjiang on July 8. Meizu has launched a recruitment campaign in its community for people to experience the Lynk & Co 08 at its offline retail stores. 50 people will be recruited in Wuhan, and 40 people in Xi'an/Ningbo/Zhenjiang. Interested parties can click here to sign up.

The list of offline retail stores is as follows:

  • Meizu Wuhan Flagship Store: No. J2-3-47, First Block, Chuhe Han Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

  • Meizu Xi'an Experience Store: No. 1019, Daming Palace Wanda Plaza, Weiyang District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

  • Meizu Ningbo Experience Store: No. 1029, Area D, Beilun Fubang Plaza, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

  • Meizu Zhenjiang Experience Store: No. 1013, Wuyue Plaza, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

It is worth noting that Meizu will not charge any fees for the event on July 8. Those who are interested in attending should arrange their time and itinerary accordingly. The official will contact the selected participants by phone or SMS on July 7th.

The Lynk & Co 08 has officially passed the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new car is divided into three versions. It has a body size of 4820×1915×1685mm, a wheelbase of 2848mm, and is matched with 235/55R19, 255/40R21 tires. The curb weight is 2100kg / 2200kg. The vehicle speed is 190km/h.

The Lynk & Co 08 will use ternary lithium-ion batteries from Honeycomb Energy/Sichuan Times, equipped with Aurora Bay 1.5T engine (120kW), and will be equipped with Meizu Flyme Auto car-machine system for the first time.

The three-motor four-wheel drive version adopts a 1.5T electric hybrid engine and a three-motor (P1+P3+P4) layout, with a combined power of over 400kW, a maximum torque of over 900N m, and acceleration from 100 kilometers within 5 seconds. It is also equipped with a 39.6kWh three Lithium-ion battery, pure electric cruising range of 245km under CLTC working condition, and comprehensive cruising range of 1400km.

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