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McLaren technology that promises to revolutionize connectivity in competition

Telemetry in competition is a technical miracle that has been allowing drivers, engineers and teams to know what they are doing well on the track, what they could do better and, above all, how the car reacts to it. Up to this point, everything is known and known.

But in today's racing, telemetry is much more than that. It is the main trunk of all the big data that surrounds modern competitions, and the key piece of a struggle to process all that information in real time, from the moment the moving vehicle sends the data.

This is the mission that McLaren pursues through its applied technology division McLaren Applied, who have just announced that they are working together with the supplier Blu Wireless on a software solution capable of closely monitoring the track performance of the monsters. fastest in the world.

HD video at more than 260 km/h

According to the Woking firm's statement, the two keys to this software development would be the speed and bandwidth of data transmission. Both features are basic for connectivity, since the better they are, the easier it will be to exchange large volumes of data (engine temperature, revolutions, tire pressure, etc.) between the car and the pit wall, and do so at high speed.

The main benefit, of course, will be the possibility of detecting problems in the vehicle or driving in real time, even being able to anticipate and stop them before they appear. However, another point where McLaren Applied seems to want to emphasize is the live video transmission from the car.

Not in vain, in the statement itself the British firm assures that they have been testing this technology on the circuit for a year, and it is already capable of transmitting high definition images of the car's surroundings at speeds above 260 km/h. Something that, in the opinion of those responsible for the project, will allow spectators at home to feel closer to the drivers in the race.

The McLaren and Blu Wireless solution combines Seconds' mastery of millimeter-band connectivity technology with McLaren's in-vehicle data acquisition hardware. This company also provides the computer architecture that houses it along with its software, which promises a stable connection with vehicles at high speeds and the ability to unify data distributed on different networks or sockets.

The new technology is expected to be used in Formula One racing cars from the 2023 season onwards.

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