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Meta CEO Zuckerberg admitted that there is a new trend in social network

Meta CEO Zuckerberg admitted that there is a new trend in social networks that he did not catch, and this trend was caught by TikTok. In an interview with Zuckerberg on Wednesday, he shared some of his thoughts. Zuckerberg believes there are newer ways for people to interact with discovered content through social networking services, and users are increasingly inclined to discover engaging content through social networking news feeds, rather than viewing content shared by friends they follow.

Of course, users will also check the content shared by their friends in their News Feed, but the whole trend has changed. People begin to tend to discover content through News Feed, start looking for things they are interested in, and users recommend the things they find to their friends through information.

Zuckerberg said, in a world like this, it really doesn't matter who made the content you find, you just want to watch the best content.

Analysts believe that TikTok's rapid rise is due to its excellent algorithm, which recommends the best content to users based on their habits and browsing history. TikTok poses a challenge to Meta, Facebook users in North America are declining, and its shares are down more than 56% so far this year.

Zuckerberg said that TikTok is a very efficient competitor and he admitted that Meta was slow to embrace new trends. In fact, TikTok does not match Zuckerberg's social graph, it is more like a short version of YouTube. Zuckerberg believes that Meta should develop AI and use AI to recommend photos, texts, and other content to users, not just short videos.

He said, sometimes I want to watch short videos, but many times I just want the best stuff.

Earlier, Meta launched the Quest Pro helmet, priced at $ 1500, Meta thinks that the metaverse may be the next big trend, and it is catching up.

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