Microsoft finally opens access to new Paint for Windows 11

MicroSoft Paint
MicroSoft Paint

Microsoft showed off the new Paint for Windows 11 in August. It is one of many significantly revamped applications for the new OS, including the Snipping Tool and Photos, but until now the new Paint was not available even in early test builds. Now Microsoft is finally starting to distribute the new Paint to Windows Insider test takers through the developer channel.

Microsoft calls the new Paint "a modern take on the desktop." In Paint for Windows 11, for the first time in a long time, the developers have carried out a quality visual update, bringing it in line with the design of the new OS and other standard applications.

The rework isn't just about the rounded corners - the app also has a new toolbar with redesigned icons, new drop-down menus for brushes, and so on. In addition, there is a new feature previously not available in Paint - a text editing tool.

Microsoft plans to release a stable version of Windows 11 to users on October 5th. Most likely, the new Paint at the time of the release of Windows 11 will remain in the test stage.

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