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Microsoft Fixes Decade-Old Image Compression Bug in PowerShell

Microsoft has fixed a decade-old bug in PowerShell that caused images to be compressed when they were retrieved through commands. The bug was caused by the way that PowerShell handles objects, which can lead to the output image being smaller than the original image and in some cases, even corrupted.

The bug was first reported in 2013, but it was not until recently that Microsoft released a fix. The fix was released in the latest version of PowerShell, version 7.2.

To fix the bug, Microsoft changed the way that PowerShell handles objects. Now, when an image is retrieved through a command, it is not compressed. This means that the output image will be the same size as the original image and will not be corrupted.

The fix for the PowerShell image compression bug is a welcome change for users who rely on PowerShell to manage their images. The bug had been causing problems for users for years, and the fix will finally allow them to retrieve images without having to worry about them being compressed or corrupted.

The fix is available now in PowerShell version 7.2. To update PowerShell, you can use the following command:

Install-Module PowerShellGet

Update-Module -Name PowerShellGet

Once PowerShell has been updated, you can test the fix by running the following command:

Get-Image -Path "c:\image.jpg"

The output of the command should be the same size as the original image. If the output is smaller, then the bug has not been fixed.

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