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Microsoft Introduces Large-Scale Upgrade to Bing AI in Skype

Microsoft has announced a major upgrade to its Bing AI-powered chat function in Skype, adding a tone suggestion feature and other improvements.

The new tone suggestion feature allows users to choose from a variety of tones, such as professional, casual, sarcastic, or witty, when typing messages in Skype. The AI will then suggest words and phrases that are appropriate for the chosen tone.

In addition to the tone suggestion feature, Microsoft has also made other improvements to Bing Chat in Skype. These include:

  • A new sharing icon that makes it easier to share Skype profiles on the desktop.

  • The ability to undo and redo changes to messages.

  • The ability to see a history of all changes made to a message.

The new features are available now in the latest version of Skype.

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