Microsoft launches T-shirt featuring WinXP's classic blue sky and white clouds wallpaper for $60

Microsoft Windows XP's default classic wallpaper "Bliss" is impressive, with a few white clouds floating on the blue sky and the endless rolling lush hills below. Now, Microsoft has launched a T-shirt with the wallpaper for $60 (about 403.8 yuan).

Microsoft launched the "Hardwear" line of clothing, which includes a T-shirt with classic Windows XP wallpapers. The collection, which also features 9 pieces of clothing including hats, sweatshirts, jackets, and trousers, is a collaboration between Supervsn founder Gavin Mathieu and Microsoft.

Amanda O'Neal, director of multicultural and social communications at Microsoft, said the collection is Normcore-inspired, emphasizing the emphasis on the individual customer rather than on the clothes they wear.

Notably, the collection also features a T-shirt in the original hue of the MS Paint app and a "Hardwear" hat in Microsoft's 1990s logo colors.

This isn't Microsoft's first foray into clothing. Microsoft has been selling Xbox apparel for years, and in 2020, it even started selling Windows sweaters.

Microsoft Windows XP classic wallpaper Bliss was shot by professional photographer Charles O'Rear for digital design company HighTurn. The location is in Suonoma County, California, in the southern part of the Suonoma Valley near the former site of Clover Stornetta (a dairy company). According to the Daily Mail, Bliss wallpaper was once the second most expensive photo in the world and the most recognized photo in the world.

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