Microsoft says cloud gaming will not replace consoles

Thanks to the popularity of cloud gaming, it is now an important selling point for subscription services. Both Microsoft and Sony offer cloud games in their respective subscription services. Through cloud gaming, players can play games on any device with a screen, and some players even think that game consoles will no longer be needed in the future, but Microsoft believes that cloud gaming will not replace consoles.

At Samsung's 2022 Smart TV event, Pav Bhardwaj, Microsoft's global senior product manager for Xbox Game Pass, said that compared to eight years ago, network bandwidth and technology have improved a lot, so there will definitely be more players to experience cloud gaming. At the same time, the picture quality of cloud games will be greatly improved, which will reach the level of Disney+ or Netflix. In addition, cloud gaming also has unparalleled convenience, players do not need to download, and can also be played on mobile devices.

However, Badwai added that cloud gaming will not completely replace consoles. "Some people like to use consoles to play games, and having a console in their living room where they can download and play games is a very special experience. And cloud gaming It's just another option, another way for players to play the game. The two don't conflict, they provide players with different options. There will be new situations in the future, but the PC will still be there." Overall, Badwai sees cloud gaming as a great alternative to consoles, not a replacement for consoles.

Reasons why users do not buy game consoles, Badwai believes that there are many reasons such as the price being too expensive, users do not have time to play games, and so on. And cloud gaming helps give Xbox a bigger market, especially in regions where traditional consoles aren't as popular as phones and tablets.

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