Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1 Released

After the release of Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 2 two weeks ago, Microsoft recently released Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1. The second preview of Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 is designed to address customer feedback and enhance the user experience.

The new version of Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 brings many updates, including click-to-restart debugging, shell improvements, editor improvements, installation without Rosetta, and improved support for the upcoming .NET 7.

The Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 toolbar now has a new restart button (a circular arrow icon) that users can click while debugging. With the return of the Class tool window, users can now again drag and drop documents into the side-by-side editor or drag them out into floating windows. A new UI in the editor provides users with an improved experience.

Additionally, users can install Visual Studio for Mac without enabling Rosetta first; however, in some cases, Rosetta is still required, and a prompt will appear if it is not already enabled. Visual Studio for Mac 17.4's enhanced support for .NET 7 coming in November also includes .NET MAUI applications built with .NET 7.

Users can go to the dedicated webpage here to download Visual Studio for Mac v17.4 Preview 2.1.

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