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Nintendo launches Android/iOS desktop widget for Sprague 3

The Nintendo Switch Online app on Android and iOS has ushered in the 2.3.0 update, adding a desktop widget to "Sprague 3". The updated Nintendo Switch Online app adds multiple widgets that can be used to view Splatoon 3 players' battle logs, upcoming stage schedules, Splatnet photo album, and the current gear, per widget All have different sizes.

"Sprague 3" has become the highest-selling game launched by Nintendo Switch in Japan, with 3.45 million copies sold in the first three days of release. To celebrate the release of Sprague 3, Nintendo also unveiled a Sprague 3-themed Switch OLED model.

"Sprague 3" is a third-person shooter game developed by Nintendo. It is the third game in the "Sprague" (old translation of Splatoon) series, and it is also the first game in the series to support the Chinese language. The download version is priced at HK$429 (approximately RMB 378.81). The game introduction shows that players need to start a 4-on-4 team battle in battle and use a variety of weapons to paint the ground of the opposing battlefield with the color of our team, and the team with more color area will win. But at the same time, many new actions have been added.

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