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Polestar 5, a Flagship EV Due in 2025, Revealed in Production Form

The Polestar 5 started life as the Polestar Precept concept, and the production version retains many of the concept's sleek and futuristic design cues. However, it also features some more realistic touches, such as side mirrors, more realistic-looking headlights and taillights, and reasonably sized wheels and tires.

Like the recently revealed Polestar 4, the 5 does not have a rear window. Polestar assures us that it will overcompensate for this with various cameras, sensors, and a digital rearview mirror. We're curious to see how this plays out in the real world once we get a chance to drive these new windowless Polestar models.

Based on what Polestar previously divulged about the 5, we expect this range-topping model to be a sporty and powerful competitor to the Porsche Taycan. Polestar promises a dual-motor setup with 884 horsepower and a 103.0-kWh battery pack that should provide at least 300 miles of range.

We'll have to wait a bit longer for more detailed specifications on the Polestar 5, and we have also yet to see the final interior configuration.

Polestar says it will start production of the 5 sometime in 2025, and we expect it to carry a starting price of at least $100,000.

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