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Redox OS 0.8: An open-source operating system written in Rust is released

After more than half a year of development, Redox OS, an open-source operating system written from scratch and written in Rust, has released the latest version 0.8. Redox OS 0.8 is a major version update, adding support for 32-bit x86, audio, and multi-monitor (preliminary), and optimizing many components.

The main highlights of Redox OS 0.8 include:

  • Added support for i686/32-bit x86, which is expected to "just work" on real hardware. This also includes support for the AC'97 audio and IDE drivers common on i686-era hardware.

  • Improved support for 64-bit Arm (AArch64), supports booting on QEMU but does not yet work on actual AArch64 hardware.

  • Initial support for multiple monitors, and newer firmware will provide proper framebuffer information (still done with VESA drivers).

  • Audio support is almost complete, and the Intel HD Audio driver is now enabled by default.

  • NVMe storage drivers can be better supported in the real machine environment.

  • Redox OS images now work on BIOS and UEFI systems.

  • The build system has been refactored to improve multi-architecture support for the same source tree.

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