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Residents in China will have fully functional electronic health codes in 2025

In order to promote the development of national health informatization during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the National Health Commission, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention formulated the "14th Five-Year Plan" National Health Informatization Plan. The specific development goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for national health informatization pointed out that by 2025, a unified, authoritative, and interconnected national health information platform support system will be initially established, and public medical and health institutions and the national health information platform will be connected and fully covered.

Digital health services have become an important part of the medical and health service system. Each resident has a dynamically managed electronic health file and a fully functional electronic health code, which promotes the realization of family doctor contracting services for each family and builds several regional health care centers. The data center and the "Internet + medical and health" demonstration province have basically formed a national health information service system with digital health industry institutions, networked resources, intelligent services, and integrated supervision.

The "Planning" pointed out that the functions of the national health information platform will also be improved. Improve the government cloud infrastructure construction of the National Health and Health Commission and the functions of the national health information platform, relying on the national e-government extranet and the Internet and other networks to promote interconnection and data sharing, and enhance the national and provincial coordination of regional national health information platform Information hub capacity.

Establish a national-level personal health information index to support cross-provincial electronic medical records and residents' electronic health records inquiries. Improve the national health information platform application support, service registration, resource catalog, portal management, and other capabilities, carry out application evaluation, and improve the platform's "construction, management and use evaluation promotion mechanism. Strengthen the integration of systems and resources, strengthen the application of data analysis, promote data visualization, and realize unified data standards, one-time collection, integration and sharing, and multi-party utilization.

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